No $2 beers, 18-and-up nights at new Hawk ‘n’ Dove

The iconic Capitol Hill bar Hawk ‘n’ Dove will reopen Thursday, but don’t expect to get in if you’re under 21.

The 45-year-old restaurant and bar, known at GW for hosting 18-plus nights, closed its doors in October 2011 after it was bought by a D.C. restaurateur.

The new owner, Xavier Cervera, has said he won’t be hosting any under-21 events in the upscale saloon, which recently underwent $2 million in renovations. The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration reviewed Hawk ‘n’ Dove for selling alcohol to minors and allowing minors to enter with fake identification in spring 2011.

“Nothing good happens when you have kids under 21 inside a bar, alongside adults who can drink,” Cervera said. “This will be an adult venue.”

And regulars at the bar shouldn’t expect two-dollar beers for happy hour.

Jack McAuliffe, a general manager, described the new menu prices as “an upscale tavern fare,” according to a WTOP report.

“We also have some nice wine. The food is a little bit more upscale. It’s still a bar, but definitely a little more emphasis on food,” McAuliffe said.

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