It’s Monday…

Take your Thanksgiving break to relax, spend quality time with family and friends, and perhaps most importantly, stuff your face. Photo courtesy of Ben Franske under the Creative Commons License.

Whether you’re headed home for the holiday or hanging around the District, everyone can unite over one glorious promise: copious amounts of food.

Only one more day of classes stands between you and Thanksgiving Break, which actually means only a few days stand between you and this.

For those sticking around D.C. for the break, Whole Foods has your Thursday meal covered. The store sells all your Thanksgiving staples ready-to-go, from turkey to mashed potatoes to cranberry sauce.

And in case you thought there was currently nothing worse than the “It’s Thanksgiving” song, I bring you “It’s Thanksgiving”… live. Even the guy accompanying her can’t thoroughly convince himself it isn’t completely awful. Turkey, ay! Mashed potatoes, ay!

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