Bar Bro: The ‘Sandy’ Drinking Game

Media Credit: Hatchet File Photo

Hopefully you’ve stocked up with the proper supplies, namely enough booze, to last through the storm. Grab your favorite beverage – make hurricanes if you want to be cute – turn on the TV and wait out the storm with the Bar Bro’s Hurricane Sandy drinking game.

  • You must say the word “hurricane” before addressing other players by name. For example, your friend Susan becomes “Hurricane Susan” for the duration of the game. Any player who fails to refer to another player in the proper format must take a shot.
  • Drink anytime newscasters use the phrase “hunker down.”
  • Drink if you are watching some poor reporter broadcast in gale force winds. Two drinks if someone’s hat blows off. Three drinks if an umbrella gets blown inside out. Four if the reporter falls down.
  • Pour some out at the first mention of Hurricane Katrina. Drink for every subsequent mention.
  • Drink for any image of a dangling traffic light, cars driving through water or people filing into a shelter.
  • Drink if the eye of the storm passes over your home state.
  • Drink if a newscaster mentions how the storm will affect the election.
  • Drink if you see Anderson Cooper.
  • Finish your drink if you see him in person.
  • Seniors, drink for every mention of Snowpocalypse. Then put on some Ke$ha and hit up Chatroulette.
  • Drink if a building’s roof gets ripped off.
  • Finish all of your booze if your roof gets ripped off.
  • Finish your drink if University President Steven Knapp cancels classes beyond Monday.
  • Take a shot if a professor emails you saying you have homework anyway.

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