D.C. occupiers storm K Street one year later

Occupiers attend an Anarchist theory information session Monday, one of the many events organized by Occupy D.C. as part of their one-year anniversary Week of Action. Jordan Capizola | Hatchet Photographer

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Eric Osman

One year after protesters descended on McPherson Square and Freedom Plaza to speak out against what they called social and economic inequality, dozens of supporters returned to the former posts.

The Occupy D.C. movement returned with a 7 a.m. march Monday, which drew more than 50 protesters to K Street. Their march stopped traffic and involved storming large corporate offices, including BP Oil Exploration and JP Morgan Chase & Co., chanting “We are the 99%” and “We got sold out, banks got bailed out.”

The morning protest lasted more than two hours, with protesters airing year-old grievances about the U.S. banking system, big business and government bureaucracy.

“The government works for the banks and allows them to take gambling debts and force taxpayers to bail them out,” Andrew Hall, an attendee, said. He added, “The banks are the ones who crashed the economy. So they’re to blame.”

Occupiers begin their week of action Tuesday, which includes themed days including Break the Banks, Crush the Corporatocracy and Community Cleanup.

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