Caroline Bowman: We’ll always have 2140 G

Each year, graduating editors are given 30 final column inches – “30” was historically used to signify the end of a story – to reflect on their time at The Hatchet.

I’ve been saying goodbye to The Hatchet since December. I was wrapping up my degree, cramming out the last few edits of my thesis and spending my time between finals sitting at my soon-to-be former desk. I didn’t know how to say goodbye then, so I just sat and tried to soak in all of the memories that had been made inside 2140 G over the course of my college career.

In my new place on the West Coast, I still find myself sitting Wednesdays and Sundays wishing I could be hanging out with Allison and Madeline downstairs, looking for ed-ball with Lyndsey or making fun of Connor for looking like Howie Mandel. From the very first time I walked up those stairs, knowing I had made it onto staff as the arts editor, to the final time I closed the front door and walked out onto G Street, saying goodbye to being senior editor, The Hatchet always helped me move forward. But it wasn’t how much I learned about writing and editing that made the paper so unique, it was the people that I met along the way who truly made the difference.

Lauren, if we somehow end up working together again, I’m just going to accept it as a sign from above. You are one of the strongest women I know, and I am continuously amazed by how far you have managed to take us as a paper. You were always patient with me and so supportive. I can’t imagine having a better experience at the paper without you. As a friend, I will always love and respect you, and as a leader, I will always believe in you. You faced considerable odds, but you triumphed. The Hatchet will always be better for having had you to keep it together.

Lyndsey, you have always been able to keep things positive, and I love you for it. From Skee-ball to Froggy, to Justin’s to belting out whatever song we could come up with, we have had some wonderful experiences together that I will always love and miss. I wish you the best, love.

Annu and Priya, I will always appreciate you both being there for me last year, and for being such a positive influence on so many people at The Hatchet. I wish you both the best of luck next year. It’s up to you to keep the paper strong.

Josh, Cory and Madeline, you three brought smiles to my face more often than that kitten video Allison always made me watch. Josh, I loved being able to see you go from my writer to a contributing editor. You made me very proud. Cory, I’m so glad we got to work together again. You have truly shined. Madeline, what can I say? I just have so much respect for you as a Hatcheteer and as a woman, and I know we will always see each other again. I love the three of you dearly.

Dev, so I probably broke your phone. I admit it. And I definitely made fun of your Droid obsession a bit too much. And your Krispy Kreme stock. And your love of pink drinks. Don’t hate me. Besides, we’ll always have Angel.

Doug, I have been waiting for this moment since I met you: I just lost the game.

Gabe, I still don’t know how you managed to catch me every single time I was making a face at something, but you did. You are a tank and a genius, and I’ve loved every minute we could spend together.

Jordan, hey buddy. You are such a bright spot in so many lives. Your work is incredible. Your personality is beautiful. Watching you chase after Cloud is still one of my favorite memories.

Francis, I love you and your ability to fall asleep in a locked room like clockwork every time I was over. Learning how to pick a lock was too much fun. I genuinely wish I could be as cool as you.

Michelle, I don’t think I will forget our time at The Red Palace. That entire night will go down in history as one of the most uncomfortable and awkward situations of my life. I am so glad you were there to experience it with me.

Andrea, you are the only person I would ever have wanted to deal with for that security story. You are an inspiration and an amazing writer, and I am so confident that you will go so far in your life. Good luck!

Allison, I miss you terribly. You have made my life better just by being in it. You make so many people at The Hatchet smile and enjoy themselves, and I admire that about you. You have kept me honest and together in spite of everything. You have yelled at people for me, and stood up for me and laughed with me when I got hurt. We have complained about everything and somehow remained positive. We’ve thrown things at each other, bought Nerf guns, nearly gotten arrested, gone to Lindy’s when I was leaving at 6 a.m. the next morning and made fools of ourselves in Whole Foods more often than not. I have had more fun with you than I have with anyone else, and I respect you so much. You are a math and prodo genius, but you have remained humble in spite of it all. You’re my best friend, and I know you will always help to keep The Hatchet together. Love you!

Mom (and Cloud), thanks for putting up with the late nights and the bleary eyes and the tired phone calls. Thank you for believing in the paper and in me. You have always been my rock, and I am so excited to see what happens next and to tell you all about it. Cloud, well, you sure left an impact on the townhouse.

To those in Volumes 107 and 108 who I couldn’t mention, you all got me to where I am today. You taught me so much and inspired me constantly. Every single one of you has made an impact on my life, and I will always remember you and our time at The Hatchet.

For me, the paper was more than just my experiences. It was more than turning the arts page into the culture page, more than covering inspiring students and more than being amazed at the stories that were generated by my writers. It was about the looks on so many of the faces of people who came into the townhouse and simply enjoyed being there.

Whether you were my close friend, my writer, my contributing editor or my co-worker, I want you to know that I appreciate the time we had, no matter how little it might have been. Even if you might not have known it, you made my college career something I will always cherish. You helped make The Hatchet more than just a student org – more than just a college newspaper – you helped to make it a home. I will always be thankful for that. -30-

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