Staff Editorial: Standardize vehicle purchases for EMeRG

Students on the Mount Vernon Campus will now hear the sirens of an EMeRG ambulance.

The University has decided to purchase a new ambulance for the student-run emergency response group that will likely be operational in the fall semester, said Senior Associate Vice President of Safety and Security Darrell Darnell, a move that calls for much applause.

The purchase of an additional ambulance will allow EMeRG to be an active presence on the Vern, which is particularly important as the campus continues to expand.

The purchase of this ambulance also provides an opportunity for the University to work with EMeRG to create a standardized method for acquiring new vehicles in the future. This would allow for a smooth process for replacing vehicles, which would be easier than the current haggling that occurs among EMeRG, the Student Association and administration.

It also creates a tangible timeline that allows both groups to plan for a new vehicle.

Such an agreement could include a specific timeline for when a new ambulance should be purchased. For example, the Georgetown Emergency Response Medical Service has an agreement with their administration to split the cost of a new ambulance every five years.

Tulane Emergency Medical Services is also planning on lobbying to have their administration set aside a certain amount of funding each year in preparation for the future purchase of a new vehicle.

A plan could also be devised that would allow for the replacement of a vehicle when it reaches a certain mileage.

An agreement would allow both the University and EMeRG to plan more long-term. If EMeRG and the University were to agree that every few years a new ambulance would be purchased, then administration, EMeRG and the SA could begin to put aside funding for the future purchase.

EMeRG provides critical medical emergency services to students on campus, and deserves a strong, lasting commitment from the University.

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