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Hatchet reporter Julie Alderman shares her latest movie experience.

Friends With Kids” (2012)

We’ve all seen that movie, the romantic comedy with attractive leads who are funny, can afford a two-bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side, and yet somehow are still alone. The protagonists are platonic friends who attempt to beat the system by having casual sex or living together with no romantic entanglements.

“Friends With Kids” is the same thing, except this time they have a kid.

Adam Scott and Jennifer Westfeldt star as Jason and Julie, two best friends of almost 20 years who realize they want children but haven’t found the right person.

The true star of the film turns out to be Westfeldt, who wrote and directed the film in addition to starring as Julie. Westfeldt shines in her role. She is charming and delightful, but maintains a realistic portrayal of her character.

Westfeldt’s writing and directing seem smart and honest, but the rest of the film’s talent leaves much to be desired.

Scott works through one of his first leading roles in a major film – an effort which could have gone better. Though he is supposed to be playing a ladies’ man, his performance is uncomfortable to watch. His sexual relationship with Mary Jane, played by Megan Fox – who always looks like she smelled something terrible – is far from realistic. It also doesn’t help that Scott’s haircut makes him look like he should be living in his parents’ basement.

The supporting cast is strong on paper but weak in practice. Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O’Dowd and Edward Burns round out the cast, making for a star-studded display. But given the material they had to work with, none of the actors manage to make their characters likable.

“Friends With Kids” has some funny moments, but the quality of the acting puts a damper on the overall experience. The film is entertaining enough to be worthy of buying a ticket, but it may leave many viewers wanting more.

Genre: Comedy
Director: Jennifer Westfeldt
Cast: Jennifer Westfeldt, Adam Scott, Jon Hamm, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Chris O’Dowd, Edward Burns
Release date: March 9

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