Staff Editorial: Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down

Sustainability minor

Green is the new buff. At least it seems like it, now that the University has introduced a sustainability minor. This new minor is a cutting-edge model for how departments can collaborate and foster discussions and advance interdisciplinary education on an important global issue. These efforts to educate the student body on green initiatives demonstrate the University’s commitment to the environment despite being a city school.

UPD radios

Reports from University Police Department officers of sporadic radio coverage is concerning for student safety. Given that officers are unarmed, radios are their most important tools for relaying important campus safety information to the rest of the force. Officers must be able to respond to a potential campus emergency swiftly and effectively, and broken radios inhibit their ability to do so. This has been a problem for too long, as many officers have reported that these breakdowns have been occurring for more than a year.

George Washington’s Birthday

The centennial celebration of the University’s move to Foggy Bottom is an exciting milestone for everyone at GW, and throughout February, the campus hosted informative lectures and events regarding Foggy Bottom and George Washington. But more could have been done – such as holding a rally or block party – to make this festival a more community-encompassing event. One hundred years in the heart of the nation’s capital is an exciting achievement, and the events unfortunately weren’t a reflection of this historic moment.

Voter turnout

With 4,806 voters, this year’s Student Association election drew the largest student turnout in the 45-year history of the SA – a 15 percent increase from last year. We commend the Joint Elections Committee for its role in promoting student participation, with “get out the vote” efforts such as “Choose Your GW.”

Security changes in residence halls

Security guards posted in residential halls will no longer force GW students to be signed in by fellow students. Instead, the University has employed a system where students can enter other dorms by simply tapping their GWorld cards, as long as a resident taps his or her own card first. The policy change is a welcome response to a longtime student complaint, and it will hopefully eliminate unwanted traffic in residence hall lobbies. It also signifies that the University Police Department is cognizant of feedback on these matters, which is particularly important now, as safety and security questions in residence halls remain a principal student concern.


Last week, classes, student organization meetings and Valentine’s Day dates were interrupted by an outbreak of the Norovirus (see: debilitating 24-hour stomach illness). While there were at least 85 reported cases of the virus by Student Health Service, it seemed as though all of campus was bedridden for at least a few days. While the virus only occupied campus for about a week, memories of the havoc it wrought will remain immortalized on the hilarious Twitter account, @GWNorovirus.

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