What We’re Listening To

Hatchet reporter Julie Alderman shares her latest musical obsessions.

Jaymay. Photo courtesy of Diana Seerman under the Creative Commons License

Gray or Blue

This song came up on my Regina Spektor Pandora station, which I highly recommend, and had me hooked after the first listen. The spontaneously cute lyrics couple with the sweet, simple melody to put a smile on anyone’s face and Jaymay’s sing-talking style makes for an overall fun feel. This song is perfect for curling up with a cup of coffee and reading your favorite book or for trying to de-stress as midterms approach.

Haitian Love Songs

“Haitian Love Songs” was introduced to me a few years back, but it’s still one of my favorites to date. CocoRosie is an interesting duo, made up of sisters Bianca and Sierra Casady, playing what many now call “freak folk.” This song combines hints of rap, folk, techno and pop, but I promise it’s not as crazy as it sounds. The song brings out the vulnerability of the sisters’ vocals, adding a deeper emotional level to the music that truly resonates.

Over You
Miranda Lambert

The usual country bad girl changes her tone for this heartfelt ballad about the death of her husband’s brother. Lambert uses narrative lyrics to tell the somber story, and the juxtaposition of the soft lyrics and her powerful voice is simply wonderful. Even for those who don’t like country, this one is a must!

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