Staff Editorial: Down to the wire on meeting SA goals

Last week Student Association President John Richardson took his advocacy efforts above administrators’ heads to the Board of Trustees.

This move represents the last leg of Richardson’s efforts to accomplish his initiatives and goals – one where he must run at a full sprint.

Yet while the Board is the University’s highest governing body, it cannot be relied on to advocate for student concerns and issues.

Given that time is running out in his term, Richardson must now use his access and power in the most effective way possible and thoroughly lobby all relevant administrators for his causes.

He must present a formalized plan for fee transparency and funding for student space with the administration before his influence ends.

While it may have been helpful to put these day-to-day issues such as fees and student space on the board’s radar, the fate of his final efforts now hinges on his lobbying efforts within the administration.

Even if Richardson receives pushback from administrators regarding his advocacy efforts, he must continue to exhaust all of his lobbying options within the University before he turns to the board once again.

These final weeks of Richardson’s presidency will prove to be the final test of whether or not he can work with administrators to come to a final solution on the issues he has lobbied on for months.

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