Letter to the editor

Collaboration is the MSSC’s greatest attribute

Last week, I came across The Hatchet’s article, “Culture clash spurs unease in LGBT center’s space” (Feb. 2, p. 3). As an openly gay student who regularly uses the LGBT Resource Center, I was shocked.

What was this “culture clash” that I had somehow missed since the Resource Center began sharing space with the Multicultural Student Services Center?

As I read through the article, I became confused. I looked and looked for a culture clash, but I never found one. All I managed to find were one student’s concerns that others might be afraid to use the Resource Center for fear of being “outed.” A valid concern? Yes. A culture clash? Definitely not.

The collaboration and cooperation of different communities at the MSSC is the Center’s greatest attribute. Students, faculty and staff are all welcoming and supportive. I have never witnessed so much as a disagreement, let alone a culture clash.

The writers would also have you believe that the LGBT Resource Center is still “adjusting to its new leadership.” In reality, however, the center’s director Timothy Kane has gone above and beyond to expand the resources and accessibility of the LGBT Resource Center. He is fully dedicated and committed to supporting LGBT and questioning students, as well as the rest of the community.

The students, faculty and organizations using the Multicultural Student Services Center serve as a fine model of how communities can come together to celebrate diversity and promote unity. The incorporation of the LGBT Resource Center into the MSSC building has been an example of positive progress at GW, not a clash of cultures. To use the unsubstantiated complaints of one student to create an inflammatory headline and article is deplorable.

It is beneath the journalistic standards of this paper and an insult to the George Washington University community.

Samuel Garrett is a sophomore majoring in political science.

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