Profile on Style

Profile on Style is a weekly post that explores the motivations behind GW’s fashion trends. We’ll show you the most interesting aspects of GW style, and then try to make some sense of it all. Keep your eyes open for a reporter and photographer walking around because you might become the latest trendsetter.

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Samantha Hatton.

It’s still winter, right? That might be the case, but we were lucky enough to enjoy some beautiful and mild weather this past week. Here are a few ways GW’s fashion-conscious took advantage of the blue skies and warmer temperatures.

Katherine Wynne. Michael Boosalis | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Katherine Wynne
Year: 2014
Major: International Affairs
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Inspiration: Vintage, 1950s style
Clothes: Shoes, Ferragamo; shirt, vintage; Jewelry, vintage

We found sophomore Katherine Wynne studying at Starbucks when her shoes caught our eye. Considering how beautiful the weather was, she traded in warm boots for a pair of chic Ferragamo flats that combined a metallic gold buckle with black patent leather. Her black vintage shirt was longer in the back, providing a varying hem length. This and the sheer fabric at the shoulders gave the shirt a relaxed, carefree feel. Wynne dressed up her outfit with some vintage jewelry pieces she received as gifts from her family, including a wonderfully classy string of pearls.

Kristina Morzan. Michael Boosalis | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Kristina Morzan
Year: 2015
Major: International Affairs
Hometown: Queens, N.Y.
Inspiration: Model-off-duty style
Clothes: Shoes, pants, sunglasses, Forever 21; scarf, Canal Street; jacket, Kohl’s; top, H&M

Choosing a leather jacket instead of a heavier option, Kristina Morzan embraced the warm day in casual, model-off-duty fashion. A pair of brightly colored earrings or a colorful scarf can look especially great against the darker tones of a leather jacket. Morzan’s shoes from Forever 21 pop out in the spring-like weather with their off-white floral crochet detail.

Catherine Carney. Michael Boosalis | Hatchet Photographer

Name: Catherine Carney
Year: 2015
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Andover, Mass.
Inspiration: City style, her peers
Clothes: Dress, Forever 21; jacket, Black Rivet; boots, Report

Dresses in January? This week’s unseasonable weather makes that question not so ridiculous. Catherine Carney kept the winter season in mind by choosing a knit sweater dress rather than, for example, a sundress. The thick fabric was detailed with matching buttons, and Carney chose a leather jacket as a lighter outerwear option for the warm weather.

Weather reports say more warm weather may be headed our way. How will you dress for the occasion?

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