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The Devil Inside” (2012)

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Having seen all the recent exorcism movies like “The Rite” and “The Last Exorcism,” I did not have high expectations for “Devil Inside.” But like everyone else, I was intrigued by the trailer. The disturbing images and haunting plotline drew me in like the horror movie addict I am. Unfortunately, I was disappointed by how poorly this movie was presented.

Directed by William Brent Bell,  “The Devil Inside” follows the story of Isabella. She goes on a journey to discover what exactly happened to her mother, who murdered three people and was sent to a mental institution in Italy.

The movie itself is a mockumentary about exorcism. Using fictitious footage, the cameraman follows Isabella’s every move from her departure to Vatican City to the supernatural events that follow.

But the overall package is a bit disappointing. While the story adds some unique elements not found in the average exorcism flick, expect the same bone-breaking demonic possessions. The plot is incredibly predictable and does not provide much to set it apart.

Aside from its mediocre presentation, the thing that disappointed me the most is the ending. Though I respect the makers of the film for trying something unorthodox, I’m not so sure they achieved the effect they were going for. I was left wanting more, to say the least.

As a whole, this movie is spooky but definitely does not meet the standards of great horror films. The film’s scariest moments rely heavily on the element of surprise and do not provoke the quality scares of a good horror flick.

My advice: Save your money. There are plenty of other movies worth watching.

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Director: William Brent Bell
Cast: Fernanda Andrade, Simon Quarterman, Evan Helmuth
Release Date: Jan 6, 2012

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