Glenn Beck contributor blasts liberalism on campus

A political commentator for Glenn Beck's online television channel warned students that Republican frontrunners would lean into the center of the aisle as election season approaches. Delaney Walsh | Hatchet Photographer

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Sarah Margolis

A video blogger for the Glenn Beck web network lauded the courage of college-age conservatives in representing an ideological minority Monday night.

S.E. Cupp’s speech slammed Democratic politicians, the left-leaning media, and in particular the Occupy Wall Street movement.

“The truth is, you can’t find actual rebellion on college campuses anymore, unless it’s conservative,” she said at the event hosted by the College Republicans and Young America’s Foundation.

“What would actually be rebellious is a march for fiscal responsibility, a protest for a balanced budget, or lowering the deficit. That would be rebellious. That would be new,” the political commentator added.

Cupp said political liberalism is a pervasive force sweeping college campuses, but said her point was not just to scoff at liberal college students, “cause it’s just too easy.”

“My real point here is that if young people were truly rebellious and questioning and provocative and challenging, they’d probably realize how much fun it is to be a young conservative today,” she said.

In an analysis of the current GOP lineup, she pegged former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the most-electable candidate.

“He’s not my favorite guy, but I have no problem voting for him, I think he’d do a good job, and I think he can beat [President Barack] Obama,” she said.

She highlighted religion as Romney’s liability, not just for liberal media but also from conservative Christians. It is likely to prove a major issue for him in a general election should he win the GOP primary, she said, but added that Mormons have proved able to mobilize in masses in past elections.

She warned that as the election draws closer, voters can expect to see frontrunners move increasingly towards the middle, seeking independent and swing voters.

“There will always be a group of people who insist on fighting their natural instincts so that the government can keep making decisions for them. I pity these people, and hope that this never happens to any of you,” Cupp said.

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