Staff Editorial: Professors still need to go to class too

Finals, papers and projects are piling up, and another break sounds ideal right now. It’s easy to lose steam or want to throw in the towel.

But just as students still need to perform at their peak for their finals in the upcoming weeks, professors shouldn’t shirk their teaching responsibilities. Around this time each year, professors begin to cancel classes to allow students the extra hours for time to study or write papers.

This might not be a University-wide problem, but for the courses where professors do choose to cancel classes arbitrarily, students suffer.

Professors have a responsibility to their students, particularly right now, and each course is valuable. Though the value of a lecture or discussion goes beyond monetary metrics, each hour spent in class is worth more than $150 on average, so every time a professor shows up late or disregards his or her teaching responsibilities, students also lose tuition dollars.

If this trend continues, students should make a note of it in their online course evaluations. Course evaluations can also be expanded to include questions specifically pertaining to professors’ attendance and preparedness.

It is troubling how many hours of learning, and how many tuition dollars, are lost to professors cancelling classes at the end of the semester.

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