Staff Editorial: Provide assistance for student org fees

The University Police Department’s collective bargaining agreement requires student organizations to pay a flat fee for having officers at events in the Marvin Center, creating a financial drain on student organizations.

This fee imposes a burden on smaller-budget student organizations trying to hold fundraising events in the in the University’s student hub. While the University has a partnership with student organizations that allows the two parties to split the fee if only one officer is stationed at an event, raising the $80 fee required strains smaller student organizations.

The University, perhaps through the Center for Student Engagement, should establish a system to absorb the UPD fee for one event per year for student organizations with smaller budgets.

If this is not a possibility, the University could offer a sliding-scale fee system to student organizations to cover the cost of UPD officers.

Student organizations shouldn’t look at the University’s student union and campus center as an expensive event venue. Instead, if they can’t afford the non-negotiable officer stationing cost, the University should find a way to help them still put on the events that benefit student life.

Club events held in the Marvin Center typically cater to students and these are the parts of college that add color to student life.

It would be a shame to see charity hindered by high fees and non-negotiable contracts.

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