Staff Editorial: Oversight in Corcoran Hall

Safety during science labs is critical. That fact is amplified in aging buildings like Corcoran Hall.

If an accident does happen during a lab or experiment in a science building, the hazard response infrastructure should at least be up-to-date and prepared.

That’s why it’s so concerning that the fire extinguishers in Corcoran Hall are expired.

One of Corcoran Hall’s fire extinguishers – which need to be serviced yearly according to fire codes – hasn’t been inspected since 2008. The 18 that were inspected last October will expire Monday.

This is a troubling oversight by the University, as having fully functioning and serviced fire extinguishers is a matter of basic safety for students.

When students go into a chemistry lab they understandably expect a level of ensured safety in the building, even if it just means that the extinguishers that might put out a tiny blaze will work when needed.

To avoid another lapse like the one in Corcoran Hall, the University should more stringently pursue servicing fire extinguishers and other hazard safety equipment in buildings.

It’s just a basic issue of student safety.

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