Staff Editorial: A day off after Colonials Weekend

Over the past few days parents have flooded campus for the annual Colonials Weekend.

The weekend, which consists of Colonials Invasion, community events and a keynote comedic speaker is a great time for parents and students to explore the campus and city and immerse themselves in all that GW has to offer.

Yet October can often be a stressful time for students, as many are in the thick of midterm season and have to juggle spending time with their parents and Melvin and Estelle Gelman.

Giving students Monday off would allow them to both prepare for midterms, enjoy Colonials weekend and breathe freely during a short break in the middle of the semester.

Parents and families should not feel that coming to campus will add to their children’s exam burdens.

If the University truly wants students to enjoy Colonials Weekend, it shouldn’t force students to balance studying for important tests and entertaining guests.

GW should give students the Monday after Colonials Weekend off to alleviate student stress and allow for families to spend more time together.

It wouldn’t make sense to move Colonials Weekend to a different weekend in October, as most students have midterms all throughout the month. Furthermore, it is timed perfectly between the start of school and Thanksgiving, and it coincides with Colonials Invasion.

Because the University does not have a fall break, a day off after Colonials Weekend would be a welcome reprieve from an intense and wearying October grind.

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