Staff Editorial: Increased clarity in the judicial process

This week, the University released a series of flow charts that standardize and elucidate the punishments a student can expect based on what he or she is caught doing. This is an excellent move by the University to better explain consequences of alcohol violations, and it demonstrates that administration is responsive to student concerns in this respect.

Now, students will be more informed about the consequences of their actions.

Students have not always had a clear picture of the University’s judicial processes, and this chart is a promising step to remedy much of the confusion some feel. It is also an important step in terms of transparency: Now, both students and the judicial system will be held accountable as actions and consequences are more standardized.

But it is important to note that the implementation of this flow chart does not institutionalize these consequences to the point of rigidity. An infinite number of extenuating circumstances and possible events require that the University still have the flexibility to consider issues on a case-by-case basis.

This step marks a promising move by the University to provide students with more clarity in the judicial process, and it shows that the University has been receptive to student concerns.

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