Staff Editorial: Better opportunities for engagement

There’s no doubt that it’s difficult for the average student to get in touch with an administrator.

This gap between students and University higher-ups is breached by student leaders and a select few others, but for the most part, students and administrators operate in separate spheres on campus and rarely, if ever, meet.

But a new facet of the Center for Student Engagement is changing that paradigm, and it is an excellent opportunity for both students and administrators to improve the community.

Administrators in the office of the Center for Student Engagement, including the Associate Dean of Students and the center’s director, Tim Miller and Greek Life Director Christina Witkowicki, will be available for an hour every business day to meet with students who schedule meetings with them online.

This is a laudable step for the Center for Student Engagement and it seems to be a move that will decrease some of the red tape that exists between students and the administration.

Students who take advantage of these appointments with administrators can come to them with concerns ranging from personal issues to housing irks to those pertaining to student organizations. Hopefully these conversations help better engage students and improve their campus experience.

This sort of access to University higher-ups might help connect more students to administration and hopefully students who wouldn’t otherwise have this sort of dialogue with administrators will be able to better voice their own concerns and compliments.

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