Letter to the Editor: In response to the David Horowitz advertisement

On April 14, 2008, The GW Hatchet published an ad by the David Horowitz Freedom Center alleging that the Muslim Student Association had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, causing a campus-wide uproar. Just one week later, the then-editor in chief promised the paper would create “a revamped policy [of] more stringent guidelines for advertisements,” because, “on second review, [the advertisement] may not have passed our test of decency.”

Almost three years later, a Horowitz ad published in The Hatchet (Sept. 29, page 6) is evidence that the deep currents of hatred and bigotry have again found a platform on our campus.

While we staunchly support the principles of free expression, lines undoubtedly exist between what is “fit” and what is “unfit” to print.

The Hatchet’s own ad-proofing policy states that “discriminatory” advertisements will not be accepted. Language that equates Palestinians and their supporters to “Jew-haters” and “liars,” and further pronounces Israel to be the only “tolerant society” in the Middle East is blatantly discriminatory.

This language deserves no place in the accepting environment that GW strives for. By running the Freedom Center’s inflammatory advertisement, The Hatchet betrays its own audience.

To advance a productive dialogue surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, students need to work together to demonstrate their intolerance only for racism and hate.

Students for Justice in Palestine

Banu Gumusoglu, Co-President; Kareem Rosshandler, Co-President; Jack Saba, Vice President; Dana Abu-Nasrah, Marketing Director; Adam Akkad, Events Chair; Maleeha Khan, Sophomore, Treasurer; Rosa Rad, Marketing Representative; Olivia Becker, freshman representative.

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