Occupy Wall Street sympathizers rally at McPherson Square

This post was written by Hatchet reporter Jasmine Baker.

A group of 50 protestors camped near on K Street last Saturday with food, supplies, signs and the promise to not leave for months.

Occupy Wall Street, a group of protesters in New York who oppose corporate corruption, inspired the D.C. offshoot. The solidarity gatherings, now organized through the website OccupyTogether.org, spread to 47 states, Canada, Mexico, Asia, Australia and Europe.

“We feel that this movement should be of particular interest to students in the District who face a world of uncertainty after graduation,” Chris Morgan, 35 of Baltimore, said.

Several members of the group slept outside despite rain and chilly temperatures. Local religious organizations donated food, blankets and storage space since the protest began, according to the Occupy D.C. website.

The group passed flyers out during a march to the White House and planned to go to the International Monetary Fund in the coming days.

“I don’t want to inherit this earth, this economy, this job market,” Montgomery College sophomore Eden Davis, 21, said.

The overarching mission of Occupy D.C. is drawing attention to a system that values corporate agendas more than average voters, Mo Worthington, 29 of Baltimore, said.

“The creation of jobs is not by rich people, but by the success and demand of the American people as a whole,” Worthington said.

Morgan also opposed commercial influence of the political process, which he called corporate personhood. He is part of the seven person “facilitating committee” that convened last Friday to organize the protest.

“At most a regular citizen can send an e-mail to a senator if he wants something implemented.  A corporation can give $2 million to that senator’s campaign.   Who do you think will get a response?” Morgan said.

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