The Honors Program and the Vern

IN RESPONSE to “Honors program eyes Vern space’’ by Cory Weinberg (Sept. 19, page 1): We need perspective on the proposed expansion of the University Honors Program to the Mount Vernon Campus. Students don’t join a four-year academic program to get housing for one year in Thurston, of all places. A fact proven as only 5 percent of incoming UHP students this year said they would definitely not join the program if optional housing were on the Vern, while another 9 percent said they would probably not.

The dual-campus plan constitutes a reaffirmation of the honors excellence. GW wants to double-down its investment in the Honors Program by giving the program more space, resources and opportunities. Expanding the Honors Program to the Mount Vernon campus is also an investment for the Vern and for GW as a whole. Let’s be honest, GW needs help making the Vern work. If a rising tide lifts all ships, consider the Honors Program to be the moon.

The ultimate success of this plan is, of course, unknown. To succeed, this must be a true expansion as is proposed. The Honors Program will need adequate resources and space, especially in Foggy Bottom, to support our students at the level they deserve and require. Perhaps more important will be the continued involvement, support and constructive criticism from our students. We are, after all, a community. We rely on our students to speak up when they know of a better way, to question the status quo and to bravely take on each and every new opportunity. I can think of no better students to whom I would entrust this task.

– Jared Meyer is the University Honors Program Communications Coordinator

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