Five can’t-miss shorts at the D.C Shorts Film Festival

Abduct Me
Director: Lucien Knotter
Genre: Comedy
Why you should see it: This humorous short follows Fox, a young guy who just cannot seem to make it through a date without propositioning a girl for sex. That is, until he is suddenly abducted by a beautiful alien-girl named Argon. While Argon is simply trying to get through “Abduction 101,” Fox sees this as his chance to bed a girl who’s out of this world.

Director: Mike Roberts
Genre: Animation
Why you should see it: “RumbleSeat” is based off of Canadian indie band, the Sadies’, newest album “Darker Circles.” The story follows a young man who is captured by four demons, strapped to the “rumbleseat” of a car, and taken on a journey down memory lane in order to find inner-peace. The film uses stylistic influences from classic Western movies, mixed with rockabilly culture.


Director: Barbara Tavares
Genre: Documentary
Why you should see it: Brazilian artist, Sergio Cezar discusses his creations as a cardboard architect. Cezar recycles trash into beautiful facades of slums and even full cities, literally recycling the way we view the world around us. In the trailer for the short film, Cezar says of his work, “I give new purposes to things that would otherwise be meaningless.”

Director: Marc Carlini
Genre: Comedy
Why you should see it: Taking place in the Hollywood nightlife, Emma is a party girl regretting her anything-but-innocent past – especially after her latest “morning after” incident. While planning her outfit to meet up with an ex-boyfriend, Emma reminisces on the memories that come with each article of clothing in her closet.

The Man in 1813
Director: Arlin Godwin
Genre: Experimental
Why you should see it: Godwin’s film focuses on the mundane, strange and downright disturbing activities of residents in an apartment building. While some occupants are contemplating what groceries to buy, others are contemplating things much more dire, and the man in 813 has had enough. Godwin is also a local D.C. filmmaker and electronic music artist.

Movie Photos courtesy of D.C. Short film Festival

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