Staff Editorial: GW Report Card

Athletic Marketing: A

By all accounts, the search for the new athletic director went smoothly, and we expect that Patrick Nero will be an effective successor to Jack Kvancz. The GW Athletics review had two constructive open forums, and GW’s administration – minus the review’s leaders – seemed to be well-represented. Additionally, marketing for GW sports, especially for men’s basketball, has never been better. For the first time since 2007, there was a legitimate buzz surrounding the men’s basketball season. We only wish that the team’s final performance on the court matched the success of the sports administration department.

Gelman Library: C

The University has finally begun to respond to the student outcry over Gelman Library. Initial progress was made as the Student Association executives and library administration held meetings to garner student input on plans for Gelman’s first floor renovation. While such steps are laudable, efforts to improve the decrepit building are moving slowly, and the year is ending without any concrete plans for further repair. We know that these changes take time, but the blighted library needs to be a greater point of focus for the University. Until then, we’ll be griping at a Gelman table during finals, wishing we had a better place to study.

Greek Life: B-

It’s been a turbulent year for Greek life at GW. First semester began with more women than ever before joining sororities, followed by the University launching investigations into four Greek chapters for hazing. Since then, the Greek community has had the opportunity to redefine itself, and progress is being made by the entire Greek community to ensure similar incidents of hazing do not follow suit. With more than a quarter of the student body now members of Greek life, this is a promising way to approach an evolving community on campus.

University response to Greek life: F

The University has not made the same type of progress after a tough first semester that Greek life has. While the sororities and fraternities under investigation have made major efforts to rectify first semester’s errors, the University continued to keep the details of the hazing incidents secret. When the University doled out its punishments to the Greek chapters that were charged with hazing, it should have also made the crimes committed public. Without that information, the GW community cannot determine whether the punishments fit the crimes. This was a level of opaqueness that the University should be ashamed to have maintained all year.

Student Association Executives: A-

SA President Jason Lifton and Executive Vice President Rob Maxim had an overall successful year acting as liasons between the student body and administration. The improvements to J Street that resulted from their advocacy have been noticeable throughout the year, and we look forward to the changes that will happen over the summer. SA-organized town halls about improving Gelman were excellent opportunities for students to voice their concerns. 4-RIDE automation, which has been an elusive goal, is finally close to fruition. The graduation fee, so loathed by the student body, will probably transferred to the Colonial Inauguration fee as a result of advocacy from Lifton and Maxim. We only wish that the SA had been more communicative throughout the year about its progress and reforms.

Seniors Leaving: F

While the excitement of summer sun and class-free weekdays is high, we can’t help but feel sadness about the 12 seniors on The Hatchet staff who are leaving. We wish the best of luck to Rachel, Miranda, Hadley, Becky, Louis, Madeleine, Chris, Justin, Amy, Anne, Erica, Viktors and Emily. Happy graduation, and though you will be missed, we are confident that your futures will be bright!

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