Panhel revamps formal recruitment

The Panhellenic Association will implement stricter guidelines for recruitment counselors this fall in an effort to make the recruitment process more fair.

Recruitment counselors – sorority members who help guide potential new members – will be designated the letters Pi Rho Chi, in the fall, and may be offered off-campus housing during the annual month-long disaffiliation period all recruitment counselors go through.

Panhellenic President Sara Fischer said her organization decided to give recruitment counselors the letters Pi Rho Chi to help them better disaffiliate from their sororities, therefore remaining neutral during the recruitment process. She said she also hopes the designation will foster a sense of community among the recruitment counselors.

“Having their own letters gives the recruitment counselors a feeling and sense of still belonging to a united group of Panhellenic women outside of their separate chapters,” Fischer said.

Director of Greek Life Christina Witkowicki said, while the Panhellenic Association considered offering recruitment officers off-campus lodging during the month-long disaffiliation period – when Pi Rho Chis are unable to participate in their sorority chapter’s functions – they ultimately decided against the option for this fall.

“Dissociation means that, if you are a Pi Rho Chi, starting May 17 and ending September 28 after Recruitment, you cannot publicly represent your chapter,” Fischer, who is also a Hatchet cartoonist, said. This includes being removed from chapter websites and making Facebook accounts off-limit to potential sorority members.

Molly Finer, president of Alpha Epsilon Phi, said she and her sorority support the changes.

“AEPhi voted in favor of all changes because we believe they will positively impact the Panhellenic community,” Finer said. “The changes were designed to retain more girls in the system so that more women who signed up for recruitment would be able to receive bids from houses. The Panhellenic community voted unanimously for all of these changes and is looking forward to implementing them.”

Laura Riegler, president of Phi Sigma Sigma, said the changes will also help recruiters select the best potential new members for the chapters.

“Other changes Panhel is making will make the overall recruitment process much smoother and intimate for every chapter on campus, and will give each chapter the ability to recruit the best new member class,” Riegler said.

Bianca Timiraos, president of Kappa Kappa Gamma, said the changes will make a positive difference.

“Changes that strengthen the system and provide more opportunities for women to be part of the system are positive and Kappa supports these proposals,” Timiraos said.

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