Student Association to focus on student outreach

John Richardson and Ted Costigan are putting student outreach as a top priority for their tenure as the student body’s top leaders.

Richardson and Costigan, president-elect and executive vice president-elect, respectively, plan to organize a new Office of Student Outreach over the summer.

Each representative in the outreach office will come up with specific initiatives over the summer, regarding issues that will ultimately comprise an agenda for Richardson and Costigan to address with University officials in the fall.

“Each ambassador is like a sponge,” Richardson said. “They try to figure out what’s going on with their group and what’s going on with other groups, and then relay that information back to us.”

Richardson said his team will also launch a major overhaul of communication between the SA and students over the summer, starting off with a newly designed website – the third new website for the SA in as many years.

Richardson stressed that the new communication strategy will allow students to know what is going on within the SA on a regular basis. Improving communication between students and the SA is a goal that has appeared on the shared vision of every set of SA leaders for the past four years.

The SA-to-student relationship will be even more important this summer, as student groups seek to navigate the new funding process determined last week by the SA Senate.

Richardson said he plans to keep in touch with student leaders to help them adjust to the new budget process.

He also plans to work on keeping the University’s cost of attendance down.

Although the University offers “fixed tuition,” Richardson said there are many small fees that slowly accumulate and make it tough on students.

Costigan also has a list of personal objectives. One of his key campaign issues was to reduce the cost of printing at Gelman Library. He hopes to work with University officials to establish a “fair price.”

Both Richardson and Costigan plan to develop their goals further over the summer term.

“A lot of what we achieve during the year, especially the bigger stuff, is started in the summer. As soon as the school year ends and I am sworn in, that’s when we get started,” Richardson said.

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