Housing waitlist cut to 350

The University cut the waitlist for fall housing to fewer than 350 students this week as upperclassmen canceled their assignments, freeing up rooms on campus.

GW Housing Programs placed 720 students on the waitlist this month, but program director Seth Weinshel said almost half the waitlisted students now have housing assignments.

“There are a number of moving parts to the process,” Seth Weinshel said. “We clear the waitlist when students cancel, swap with people that cancel, decide to live in fall-only housing or cancel off the waitlist.”

The waitlist is comprised of students who were at the end of the random assignment process. Those listed at the top of the waitlist are given housing assignments first as students cancel.

Tess Mulrean, a waitlisted freshman, said she is worried that housing has not yet taken her off the list.

“Now I am getting a little concerned because most people on my floor that were waitlisted heard from housing yesterday, and I have yet to hear, so I am still homeless for next year,” Mulrean said Friday.

Freshmen and sophomores are guaranteed on-campus housing because of an agreement the University made with the District several years ago.

“While I understand that I am guaranteed housing as a sophomore, it’s a bit frustrating – did housing forget about us?” Mulrean said.

About 100 rising sophomores were placed on the waitlist. Weinshel said those students would be cleared as sophomore spaces become available, meaning juniors and seniors could receive housing assignments before sophomores.

Students on the waitlist will continue to be assigned housing until the second cancelation deadline, May 2.

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