DVD rental kiosk coming to Foggy Bottom Metro

The Foggy Bottom Metro station will house a DVD rental kiosk starting in June, offering movies for just $1 per day.

Customers will be able to pay for a DVD using a credit or debit card at one Metro location and return it to any other location with a kiosk.

Customers will not be able to pay the movies with cash, Duane Myko, chief executive officer of Movie Solution said, because that would leave open a window for DVD theft.

Extra charges will not be accrued over weekends, Myko added, as long as the DVDs are returned by 9 a.m. Mondays. He said the company’s goal is to ensure the DVD rental process is both cheap and convenient.

“The machines will be implemented at Foggy Bottom Metro after June 1,” Myko said. “I am actually not happy about that, because Foggy Bottom has some of the highest traffic. I feel like I am delaying an opportunity.”

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority announced April 1 that Movie Solution would open 10 rental kiosks at 10 stations throughout the system, after Metro’s board approved a contract with the group last summer.

Metro expects to rein in an extra $900,000 from different retail endeavors at stations over the next eight years, according to the release, including vendor Old Town Trolley Tours, which will sell sightseeing tickets at the Smithsonian Metro station.

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