Student Association Senate eliminates director posts

The Student Association Senate voted Tuesday to remove permanent directors from the executive branch, giving the SA president the power to eliminate the often-criticized posts.

The bill doesn’t rid the executive branch of the roles, but instead gives SA presidents the freedom to chose which, if any, directors they will hire. Sen. Dylan Pyne, CCAS-U, the bill’s sponsor, said the legislation only eliminated the president’s obligation to appoint students to all director positions, not the opportunity of the position itself.

“The president can appoint who they feel is important and not be dragged down by directors who would not progress their objectives,” Pyne said.

Currently, if the president does not fill a director position he can be fined. The new bill eliminates this risk, giving the president a clean slate to decide what positions are needed in his or her administration.

The president is still required to appoint a Marvin Center Governing Board adviser with the new bill.

The SA Senate will additionally no longer approve director positions, which has caused strife in the past when senators disagree with the president’s choices.  The president is mandated to announce his picks within three days of selection.

SA President-elect John Richardson, who sat in on the meeting, favored the bill.

“I think this new bill will give me more flexibility to do my job more effectively,” Richardson said.

With two meetings left for the current administration, the SA Senate also appointed Reem Ghoneim to the School of Public Health and Health Services graduate senator seat.

The transition brunch is scheduled for April 29, after which the elected senators, executive vice president and president will begin their term.

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