SA guide: Ted Costigan

Age: 21

Year: Junior

Major: Political


Hometown: Reading, Mass.

Embarrassing freshman year moment: The Red Sox losing game seven to the Devil Rays in the American League Championship Series.

Next song University President Steven Knapp should dance to: “Under Pressure” by Queen

Platform: reduce printing costs; increase Gelman Library’s operational budget; make it known to administrators that students are not picking up the bill for unwanted programs

Ted Costigan has declared himself the fighter of this Student Association election cycle.

“We need a fighter for students on campus. Someone who is willing to make protests happen, someone firm. We need a voice, and I can be that strong voice. I’m pulling the trigger and standing up,” Costigan said.

As a current SA senator, Costigan made Gelman Library the top priority of his campaign.

“I’ve sat down with the librarians and discussed the facts. I’m pro-funding the center of academia on campus, but we need to start funding now and find that money,” Costigan said.

Costigan said the University administration’s priorities are flawed and it is time to stick up for student’s rights.

“The administration push costs onto the students when we already pay $55,000 to come here. They do not fund the library – the students have to do that themselves through fees and voluntary gifts,” Costigan said.

If elected, Costigan said he will do anything in his power to support Gelman. He noted students often forget that the administration works for the students and that they pay the administrators’ salaries.

“When it comes down to it, the administration needs to listen to us. I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer with Gelman,” Costigan said.

Costigan said his experience in the SA Senate and as a member of Housing Programs Staff has already given him access to several administrators, and he said he will forge new contacts to reform the University.

“I’m completely committed to reforms and a real change within the SA. If elected, students will see changes in their fees from the beginning,” Costigan said. “I want to bring students the best opportunities and that all begins with advocacy for what they want.”

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