Student Association reclaims $36,000 in funds from student organizations

The Student Association reclaimed $36,000 from about 100 student organizations Wednesday that failed to respond to the SA Finance Committee’s request to review their finances.

About 30 groups appealed to the committee and only had 40 percent of their initial allocations reclaimed, while the remaining 70 organizations that did not appeal lost all of their money.

GW Bhangra and the Newman Catholic Student Center were among the organizations that lost 40 percent of their funding. Books for Africa, NOW GW and Teach for America were among the organizations that lost all of their funding.

Student organizations are funded through the SA by the student fee, a per-credit charge every student pays with his or her tuition. In October, the SA gave out a record $502,000 to student organizations to cover operating costs.

The reclaimed money will go back into the SA’s co-sponsorship fund. Co-sponsorships are awarded separately to organizations for events on a case-by-case basis.

SA Finance Committee chair Chris Clark said all organizations were initially told to respond to a Google doc as part of the mid-year review.

Doug Arbetter, the treasurer of Green GW, said the reason his group did not complete the mid-year review request stemmed from the SA’s online system.

“The website is never updated, so where it said mid-year review form nothing was there. I filled it out online but it was the wrong form,” Arbetter said. He appealed the decision and the organization will keep its money.

Jamie Blynn contributed to this report.

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