JEC releases unverified list of Student Association candidates

The Joint Elections Committee released an unverified list of candidates for the Student Association, Program Board, Marvin Center Governing Board and Class Council elections Monday afternoon.

The JEC still has to verify that the candidates are eligible to run by examining their academic and disciplinary records and examining the signatures each candidate submitted.

The race for president and executive vice president is larger than in recent years, with 12 people vying for the Student Association’s two top spots. Three SA outsiders – John Richardson, Joshua Benjamin and Kwasi Agyeman – are in the running for president, joined by three current or former senators – Jason Kaplan, Caleb Raymond and Chris Clark – and a former JEC member and SA senator – Phil Gardner.

Eight students are running in uncontested races and another eight races – mostly graduate seats – have no students running.

The full list is below:


  1. Jason Kaplan
  2. Caleb Raymond
  3. Phil Gardner
  4. Chris Clark
  5. Kwasi Agyeman
  6. Joshua Benjamin
  7. John Richardson


  1. Amanda Galonek
  2. Ted Costigan
  3. Aria Varasteh
  4. Samantha Free
  5. Zahin Hasan

U At Large-2

  1. Keaghan Ames
  2. Zach Kahn
  3. John Bennett
  4. Cory Grever

CCAS Undergrad-6

  1. Keith Osentoski
  2. Kaitlin Gaughran
  3. Scott Backer
  4. Daniel Ceisler
  5. Jonathan Carfagno
  6. Josh Goldstein
  7. Danica Brown
  8. Samuel Sherman
  9. Gordon Pera
  10. Daniel Bassali
  11. Eric Arpert

ESIA Undergrad-3

  1. Elizabeth Kennedy
  2. Mateo Garcia
  3. Elena Gillis
  4. Garrett Graham
  5. Patrick Cero
  6. Manuel Iglesias
  7. Nathaniel Austin
  8. Jason Gamache

SOB Undergrad-2

  1. Nick Koeniger
  2. Russell Feldman
  3. Michael Buss
  4. Hugo Scheckter

Law School Grad-2

  1. Jake Chervinsky
  2. Meredith Dempsey

SPHHS Grad-1

  1. Menolly Hart

CCAS Grad-3

  1. Bradley Dlatt


  1. Patrick Hanley


PB Exec Chair-1

  1. Connor Currier

PB Exec Vice Chair-1

  1. Megan Davison

MCGB Undergrad-4

  1. Edwin Wharton
  2. Kat Valdes
  3. Shawn Kelly
  4. Jordan Hill
  5. Dylan Pyne
  6. James Reed
  7. Joong Hyup Lee

Grad at Large Senator-2

  1. James Bonneau

SOB  Grad Senator-2

  1. Jason Platzman
  2. Kendra Singh

CPS Undergrad Senator-1



CPS Grad Senator-1



SEAS Undergrad Senator-1

  1. Dan Gil
  2. Amitava Paul

SEAS Grad Senator-2

1. William Rone


SPHHS Undergrad Senator-1



SMHS Undergrad Senator-1



SMHS Grad Senator-2



GSEHD Senator-2


SON Senator-1


MCGB Graduate-1


Class Council Senior

1. Estee Gabel

Class Council Junior

1. Arsalan Ahmad

Class Council Sophomore

  1. Khadija Lalani
  2. Mary Devlin

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