The Like
“Release Me”

The Like, a ’60s style power-pop all-girl quartet from Los Angeles has come a long way from its first album, with two new members, a completely new sound and a new album, “Release Me,” released in September 2010. The band’s newfound ’60s influence is clear in all songs, especially the cheeky “He’s Not a Boy” and the soft, upbeat final track, “Why When Love is Gone.” These girls have got an edge indicative of their L.A. roots – you wouldn’t hear the Shangri-Las singing a song called “Walk of Shame.” The organ, played by Annie Monroe, and super sweet yet slightly raspy vocals from lead singer Z-Berg give this album a sound completely unique from anything produced today.

Hayley Burgess

Cut Copy
(Modular Recordings)

Cut Copy does the ’80s better than the ’80s did, and this album is no different. The band convincingly reinvents the past and gives it a futuristic edge; the ironic duality is not lost on the group, as the sixth track is entitled, “Strange Nostalgia for the Future.” The Aussies’ third release is more accessible and more cohesive than their previous albums, but with cleaner pop singles. The album’s biggest fault is that its carefree sound begs to be enjoyed while in the sun. Taste the album now, but savor it during warmer months.

Madeline Twomey

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