Letter to the Editor

An irresponsible claim against Chris Clark

While a canceled meeting and miscommunication is irresponsible and a poor decision, the Jan. 27, staff editorial, “Putting SA Duties First” made an irresponsible claim that Student Association Finance Chair Chris Clark intentionally and maliciously decided to skip a meeting with students.

This is untrue and should be corrected.

What should be addressed is that Clark has completely turned the [SA] Finance Committee around from what it was last year. The Finance Committee has communicated more effectively and allocated fairly and quickly to deserving student organizations.

What happened last Tuesday was wrong, but the entire Finance Committee is at fault, not just Clark. But remember, we are all just students, and we need to stop taking things so seriously. What students seem to forget is that leaders in the SA and other student orgs do have appointments and responsibilities outside of their leadership roles. We all have the same desire to manage academics and extracurriculars, but that’s not always the case. So in following the instructions of one of the online comments to the staff editorial, I’m urging everyone to relax and let the kid, or anyone else, have a beer.

Travis Holler is the vice chair of the SA Finance Committee.

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