Staff Editorial: Putting SA duties first

Editor’s note

Tuesday evening, a handful of students arrived at the Marvin Center to discuss Student Association financial allocations with SA Finance Committee Chairman Chris Clark and the finance committee. Unfortunately for these students, Clark failed to inform them that he canceled the regularly scheduled meeting.

This isn’t promising behavior from someone whom people have mentioned as a prospective candidate for SA president.

We expect more from Clark, a junior, who has a responsibility not only to the SA, but also to the orgs with which he works. This meeting may have been important to attendees – student organizations’ funds are largely controlled by the SA – but Clark did not view it that way. Hopefully, Clark will no longer shirk his responsibilities.

This editorial was updated on Jan. 30 to reflect the following:
Last Thursday, the editorial board of The Hatchet made a mistake when publishing, “Putting SA duties first.” For that mistake, we are sorry.

We maintain our original and intended opinion. Chris Clark is a serious contender for Student Association president; he should have thought about the student organization leaders that were coming to the meeting and notified them beforehand of his alternate plans. The job of SA president is taxing, non-stop and involves having a vigilant eye for details. Clark must be able to show his ability to handle those strains before running for office.

That being said, our staff editorial mistakenly gave the impression that Clark canceled the meeting so he could go to McFadden’s. This is untrue, and we apologize for the error. In the future, the editorial board pledges to be more careful. In preparing to write this editorial, the ed board contacted Clark and sourced its facts from people outside of The Hatchet. We had two sources confirming this happened – in line with the most basic rule of journalism. We still, however, failed to adequately convey what we knew into an accurate staff editorial.

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