Beyond the shot glass

Gone are the days when all you needed to get drunk were liquor and a shot glass. Even drinking games, shots and keg stands are going the way of the dinosaur on the recreational drinking scene. From consuming alcohol through places other than your mouth to incorporating foods into the alcohol itself, simply drinking the stuff would seem too normal. After some secondhand research, we’ve come up with the top five most unique ways to consume alcohol.

Alcohol-without-liquid machine
Alcohol is vaporized, mixed with oxygen and inhaled, similar to a hookah. By inhaling the alcohol, it can enter your bloodstream faster. The makers of the machine claim vaporized alcohol has fewer calories and lowers the chance of a hangover.

Vodka-infused whipped cream
At 15 percent alcohol, the flavored whipped cream can complement a mixed drink, dessert, coffee, a friend’s body… or you can consume it straight from the can.

Eyes, ears, nose… anything but throat
Pouring alcohol into your eyes or ears allows your body to absorb it faster, and also prevents signs of alcohol on a breathalyzer. But the alcohol can cause damage to the cornea and surrounding tissue, leading to cloudy vision or worse. When you breathe in alcohol (usually vodka) through the nose, you get drunk faster. You can also buy vodka in thin tubes that can be used like nose drops. However, consuming it through the nose can also cause damage to your nasal cavities.

A turkey baster “gin bucket”
Gin is combined with a light carbonated beverage (usually Fresca) and lemon juice in a large bucket or cooler. It is typically distributed from a turkey baster, to eliminate the use of cups.

Ice luge
After carving narrow channels into a big block of elevated ice, you can pour liquor down the luge and let it slide into your mouth at the bottom.

*While interesting, some of the above are dangerous.

Partake responsibly.


Skittle-infused vodka

  • 1 1-pound bag Skittles
  • 5 empty plastic water bottles
  • 1 1.75-liter bottle vodka
  • 5 8.5-oz glass bottles or flasks
  • Coffee filters
  • 5 bowls
  • A measuring cup

Start by separating the Skittles by color into each of the five bowls. Next, fill up the water bottles with even amounts of vodka and pour the Skittles of one flavor into one water bottle, and so on. Shake each bottle – the more shaking the better. The color will begin to rub off but the Skittles will need to sit overnight in order to fully dissolve. In order to strain any remaining solids, place the coffee filter over the measuring cup and pour the vodka skittle mixture into the filter. Once all the vodka has strained through, pour into one of the glass bottles or flasks and repeat with remaining bottles. Once all the vodka has been filtered and poured into containers, freeze for several hours. To serve, there are many different options. Mix the vodka with ginger ale, 7Up, Sprite, or cola to taste, add a little bit of water and serve on the rocks to lesson the sweetness, or even mix with fruit juice (but it is very, very sweet!).

Rummy Bears

  • 1 package gummy bears
  • 1 bottle light rum

Empty the gummy bears into a large bowl. Pour the rum over until the gummy bears are completely covered. Cover and refrigerate ten to 24 hours. Can also be made with vodka.

DIY Four Loko

  • 1 can Monster energy drink
  • 5 watermelon Jolly Ranchers
  • 1 caffeine pill
  • 1 bottle malt liquor
  • 1 can Sprite

Pour the can of Monster into a large cup. Add the Jolly Ranchers and the caffeine pill. Refrigerate for 9 to 12 hours. The pill and Jolly Ranchers should all be dissolved before proceeding. Next, pour the mixture into a new glass, about halfway full. Add enough malt liquor so the glass is nearly full, but leave enough room to top the mixture off with some Sprite. Stir and enjoy (responsibly!).

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