Crime Log


11/17/10 – Multiple times Location: Madison Hall Case closed

A student reported to the University Police Department that her roommate threatened to punch her if she did not leave the room.
Referred to Student Judicial Services

Liquor Law Violation

11/20/10 – 1:36 a.m. Location: JBKO Hall Case closed

UPD responded to a report of an intoxicated subject not affiliated with GW who had a GWorld card and was accompanied by a second subject not affiliated with GW. Both were barred from campus and the intoxicated subject was transported to GW Hospital.
Subjects barred from campus

Drug Law Violation

11/23/10 – 1:30 p.m. Location: Park behind Guthridge Hall Case closed

UPD officers observed two individuals sitting on a bench who appeared to be smoking marijuana. The individuals were contacted and identified as a GW student and a GW staff member. The individuals were in possession of .6 grams of marijuana, which was confiscated by officers.
Referred to SJS


11/21/10 – 3:56 p.m. Location: Gelman Library Case closed

UPD officers responded to a report of an individual harassing a student in the library. Due to repeated disruptive behavior and requests from staff members, the subject was barred from GW property.
Subject barred from campus

Simple Assault

11/22/10 – 10:15 p.m. Location: South Hall Case closed

A subject unaffiliated with GW was arrested for assault after hitting his former girlfriend, a GW student. Custody of the subject was transferred to Metropolitan Police Department officers.
Closed by arrest


11/25/10 – Time unknown Location: CVS on E Street Case closed

UPD received a lookout notification from MPD regarding two subjects who robbed CVS. One subject punched a CVS employee during the course of the incident.
Referred to MPD


11/27/10 – 6:36 p.m. Location: Private property on campus Case closed

A student reported to UPD that he found an unknown subject in his townhouse and his property was moved around. The suspect fled when confronted. An individual who met the student’s description of the suspect was stopped by MPD officers and released when the complainant stated that nothing had been taken.
Referred to MPD

Compiled by Sydney Green

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