Staff Editorial: Happy turkey, sad turkey

Correction appended

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Here’s The Hatchet’s monthly wrap-up of what we’re thankful and not so thankful for.

A new reason to drink on a Tuesday

Frequent GW hangout McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon in D.C was featured on’s “25 More College Bars We Love” list. We like to see local restaurants and bars represented in rankings, and knew McFadden’s was cool even before the cast of “The Jersey Shore” hung out there.

Basketball starting on the wrong foot

Sophomore Lasan Kromah, a guard for the men’s basketball team, injured his left foot in October and has been sidelined indefinitely. This represents a loss for the Colonials, so we hope he recovers soon.

Yes, you do spend too much at that restaurant

When GW implemented the GWorld 2.0 program, students lost the ability to see a line-item view of where they spent their money. The University responded to this problem and reintroduced itemized expenses. The move will hopefully help curb fraudulent GWorld activity, while helping us keep track of how much Colonial Cash we actually spend on fro-yo.

A potential solution for Gelman

The University is in talks with several philanthropists to secure large donations for the renovation of Gelman Library, and while this is a good step for Gelman, it does not ensure that students will soon see a change. We hope that these potential investors will see how deserving our campus library is, but we can’t get too excited for the University’s announcement until the problems are actually fixed.

What’s the CRN for easier

Once again, course registration days were fraught with difficulties. The University should account for the increased student traffic and update the server to accommodate more users. We’re already cranky enough having to wake up to sign up for courses at such an ungodly hour, but at least make the process smooth enough so that we can get the classes we want and crawl back to bed by 7:10.

All-time-high retention rate means more familiar faces

A record number of students came back to campus for their sophomore year. GW’s number of student services and increasingly competitive academics are proving to be great reasons for students to stick around, and we are happy to see that. We hope that this trend of high retention continues in the years to come.

At Gelman, what’s mine is not yours

Theft at Gelman is getting out of hand. UPD has told you not to steal. The library staff has told you not to steal. Your conscience has told you not to steal. Until this kick of kleptomania turns around, don’t leave your items unattended in the library.

Wednesday break is welcome. but not

This year, GW students do not have class the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, which is a welcome departure from the traditionally shorter break. While we are thrilled by the extra day off to unwind or travel home, adding this extra day off to the calendar does not mitigate our pleas for a real fall break.

Don’t leave us!

It’s almost the end of the semester, which means that soon, members of The Hatchet’s staff will be graduating early or will soon embark on adventures abroad. Miranda Gendel is receiving her diploma this January, while Miranda Green and Rachel Lee are jetting off to London for the spring semester. We will miss our copy editor, contributing life editor and production manager next semester.

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This editorial was updated on Nov. 15, 2010 for the following reason:
The Hatchet incorrectly said McFadden’s Bar and Saloon was located in Georgetown. In fact, the bar is located in the West End neighborhood.

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