Bienert: The broken Vern Express

Freshman Paris Bienert calls for changes to the University’s Vern Express system, as the shuttle service is plagued by inconsistencies and other problems.

At 2:30 a.m. on a Friday night, a mildly intoxicated Vern resident was waiting by herself at the Vern Express stop on Foggy Bottom. When the bus finally arrived, the girl quietly embarked and went to take her seat.

But rather than driving her to the Vern, the bus driver insisted the girl get off the bus, saying he would be fired if he allowed her to stay on the bus. Not wanting to cause a scene, the student got off the bus and waited by herself another 30 minutes for the next bus. This is just one example of what Vern residents encounter when trying to get home.

I doubt there is a single Vern resident who has not complained about the bus system at least once this year, and it is high time the University acknowledged the problems with its transportation system.

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