What we’re listening to: Hatchet music picks

Hatchet reporters Kelsey Grashoff, Emily Katz and Madeline Twomey share their latest musical obsessions.

Kelsey Grashoff

Bruno Mars: “Just the Way You Are”

As someone who is usually not the biggest fan of cheesy songs about love, I have to admit that this song is fabulous. It’s easy to sing along with, Mars’ voice is incredible, and the piano instrumentals in the background complete the package. Not to mention that the lyrics themselves are very sweet even if they’re a bit unrealistic. Regardless, this is one of those songs where I always find myself turning up the volume and singing along.

Hey Marseilles: “Rio”

For anyone who loves traveling or any fans of Tilly and the Wall, this is a song that you must check out. The song starts out with gentle instrumentals which are then quickly punctuated by hand clapping percussion, reminiscent of several Tilly and the Wall songs, except with clapping instead of tap dancing. The lyrics regard traveling and the love you will find in the future on your travels, and anyone who enjoys seeing the world will be able to relate to this song in one form or another. It is certainly a hit to check out.

The “Glee” Cast: “Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me”

While not everyone was pleased with the “Glee” Rocky Horror Picture Show theme last week, this is one song that stuck out as surprisingly decent. The vocals of Jayma Mays fit the song perfectly, and many of the die-hard fans of the original that I have spoken to agree that this song was well done. The racy lyrics and catchy tune make it a popular song for many, and “Glee” did not let fans of the original down with this fantastic rendition.

Emily Katz

Kanye West feat. Rihanna: “All of the Lights”

This song off Kanye’s much anticipated album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” makes me incredibly excited for what’s to come. Rihanna keeps West’s lyrics particularly melodic, striking a great balance between catchy and powerful. Many of Kanye’s previously leaked tracks off this album have had a much harsher vibe, but this song has kept me optimistic for additional great pop songs to come.

The Knocks: “Dancing with the DJ”

A youthful sound, as well as peppy lyrics, make this song one of my new-found college anthems. Great to dance to and just an overall fun track from a relatively new band. I look forward to more songs from this act.

Department of Eagles: “Brightest Minds”

With vocals supplied by vocalist Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear, “Brightest Minds” packs the same eerie punch that much of Grizzly Bear’s music does. The tambourine and acoustic guitar harmonies remind me of Fleet Foxes combined with The Dodos. I’d strongly recommend any song by this band although this one is my favorite.

Madeline Twomey

Mark Ronson & the Business Intl. feat. Q-Tip & MNDR : “Bang Bang Bang”

This awesomely repetitive song comes from the well-known DJ and producer’s third album, “Record Collection.” Singer MNDR and Q-Tip trade verses of lyrics loosely centered on the French childrens’ song “Alouette.” The song relies heavily on synth and drum kit sounds and has a kitschy 80’s, futuristic feel that is reflected in its trippy video. The song’s many remixes and edits are worth listening to, as well.

Matt & Kim: “Cameras”

I downloaded this song as part of SPIN’s free album, “Lone Star Solid State,” which picked their favorite bands and songs of the Austin City Limits festival. I was skeptical at first because of the overplayed success of “Daylight.” But their new album “Sidewalks,” released Nov. 2, shows the pop-duo slightly matured, and still doing what they do best. With repetitive hooks and anthemed choruses, their newest single “Cameras” sticks to the formula of “Daylight” but with an added, hypnotic groove.

Passion Pit: “Tonight, Tonight”

Recorded as part of Levi’s Pioneer Sessions 2010 Revival Recordings and “cool” marketing campaign, this song is what a cover should be: a personalized reinvention. I saw Passion Pit this past summer, and not only did they play the Smashing Pumpkin’s “Tonight, Tonight,” but also The Cranberries’ “Dreams.” What makes these covers so great is that the original versions of both hits exemplify 90’s-era alternative rock. Hearing Passion Pit turn grungy orchestration into processed drum kit beats, looped samples and fantastical video-game bleeps is just excellent.

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