Jacobson: Register to vote in D.C.

Senior Corey Jacobson, a Hatchet columnist, urges GW students to take interest in local politics and vote in D.C.

Tomorrow is Election Day, but chances are good that you already voted. I believe this because, like many other politically active GW students, you probably vote absentee in your home state.

For a student body that is incredibly engaged on a national political level, there is a striking lack of involvement – or even concern – with what goes on in the city in which we live. This apathy manifests itself in many ways, but none more symbolic and neglectful than our out-of-state voter registration.

Admittedly, I have long been – and will remain until the end of this election cycle – an absentee voter in California. Until recently, I believed that a vote in D.C. was a wasted one. The city is reliably Democratic, and it lacks federal representation through which I can support my party of choice on a national level.

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