7-Eleven looks to lengthen hours

The 7-Eleven behind GW Hospital hopes to stay open 24 hours a day, but members of the Foggy Bottom Association want the convenience store to prove their late-night hours will not attract rowdy students.

Owners Shala and Sam Bahrami, a mother and son duo, broached the subject at the FBA’s meeting Tuesday night. Their proposal was met with concern that GW students would see the small store as a gathering place after late nights out.

FBA member Erik Weber proposed a trial period for the 7-Eleven to extend its hours, but members of the FBA did not reach an agreement on whether or not to allow the trial period to take place.

FBA President Asher Corson, a GW alumnus, said after the meeting that the Bahramis may still try to extend their hours.

“I think they’re going to approach us in the next few days with a proposal and we can begin to go back and forth and hopefully enter a voluntary agreement [a binding legal contract] for a trial period,” Corson said.

If residents feel the extended hours created a nuisance or that the voluntary agreement is violated, the association could sue 7-Eleven and make it revert back to the current operating hours, which are 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The Bahramis said with the new development at Square 54 – known as The Avenue – extending 7-Eleven hours would allow them to better compete with similar stores that might be on the property.

“I am a good business owner and all I am asking for is a chance,” Shala Bahrami said. She later stressed that she has owned the store for 21 years and that it was even open during the large snowstorms that hit Washington, D.C., last winter.

Corson said he hoped 7-Eleven could extend its hours, but just “didn’t see it happening,” because of the lack of support from the FBA.

David Raish, a junior who lives in City Hall, the residence hall located on the same block as the 7-Eleven, said he doesn’t think there will be much disturbance if the store’s hours are extended.

“I don’t see it being as big of a deal as the FBA is making it out to be,” Raish said.

There is another 7-Eleven on campus in the lower level of Thurston Hall, which is open 24 hours a day.

But freshman Ariel Kendall can see why residents would be concerned about the noise. The Thurston resident said it’s “definitely true” that students create quite a bit of noise at that convenience store.

“It’s where you go to find drunkenness basically,” she added.

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