Staff editorial: The joke is long over, please fix Gelman

The Hatchet’s editorial board calls on University administrators to finally make Gelman a top priority and to put money behind it.

When a GW student sets aside a Thursday night to write a paper, he or she typically has two options: Stay in the room and suffer through a roommate’s Thirsty Thursday celebration – with blaring techno music, precariously placed mixed drinks and belligerent guests – or go to Gelman.

If only the right decision were obvious.

The stark disconnect between what a campus study space should be and what Gelman actually is, is infuriating, and students face this frustration every time they swipe past the library turnstiles. The fact that administrators have yet to actually address this problem demonstrates inexcusable ignorance. Administrators may not have to waste time searching for an open cubicle on the 6th floor, but for students, this is routine.

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