Conservative: Obama not African American

President Barack Obama is not truly an African American, conservative author Dinesh D’Souza charged Tuesday night in the Marvin Center.

Speaking to the Young America’s Foundation, D’Souza said Obama has never sat at a segregated lunch counter and being African American is not based on the color of your skin but on a person’s heritage.

“Obama was not descended from slaves. He did not live the African American experience,” the Indian-national said.

D’Souza said Obama is directly influenced by his father’s anti-colonial upbringing, which encourages the weakening of America’s international power.

D’Souza prefaced his speech by stating that he believes Obama was born in the United States, is not a Muslim and is not a socialist but did describe Obama’s father as an adulterer, an alcoholic and a “horrible father and a horrible parent.”

“I tell you all this not just to slander the man, although he does deserve some slandering, but to say that this is a very peculiar guy to make your hero,” D’Souza said.

Obama’s mother gave her son “a romantic image” of his father, D’Souza alleged. The author went on to describe Obama’s mother as a radical who rebelled her upbringing by having sex with “third-world men.”

As a result of his father’s anti-colonial sentiment, Obama does not want to promote capitalism, wants to restrict American business with environmental regulations, and does not want to win the war in Afghanistan, D’Souza said.

“We’ve been fighting the Taliban,” D’Souza said. “This is supposed to be radical Islam at its worse. Why cut a deal with those guys? The answer? If you’re an anti-colonial guy, you want to get out. You could care less what happens over there.”

About 50 audience members attended D’Souza’s speech, which included a book signing afterward.

“I love him. I’m a big fan, not of an ultra-conservative, but just a very conservative way of thinking,” junior Christine Sisto said. “I thought it was great. He described everything very succinctly, wrapped it up in an hour-I was never bored.”

Freshman Sabrina Gladstone described herself as “a huge Dinesh D’Souza fan” and has watched him before on the Glenn Beck program.

“I’m interested in getting to the roots of how [Obama’s] family affected the way he runs our country, which I think is important to know of any politician,” Gladstone said.

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