Staff Editorial: Thumbs Up/ Thumbs Down

Thumbs up: Basketball is back!

Friday’s Colonial Invasion marked the official start of basketball season, and we can’t believe it is that time of the year again. We look forward to the next few months of rallies, rivalries and, hopefully, victories.

Thumb Sideways: Student tickets for Obama event.Actually, not really

When GW hosts a presidential town hall on campus, it reminds us of what it means when the University proclaims that it sits in the center of it all. But University officials said students would be able to attend the event, when in actuality, students had been preselected for the audience. While Obama’s appearance on campus proved to be exciting, we are disappointed by the fact that student tickets weren’t really available.

Thumbs Down: Disturbia(ing) behavior toward photographers

While sitting at a coffee shop in D.C., Shia LaBeouf – who was here filming “Transformers 3” – threw coffee on a photographer and ran away. While the paparazzi may not constitute real journalists, we still take offense at a celebrity lashing out at someone who is just trying to do his reporter-ish job.

Thumbs Up: SA and speedy allocations

The Student Association allocated the most amount of money to student orgs than ever before, and the allocations process went both smoothly and quickly. Well, that is, if you don’t count a certain senator’s rant about who “owns” the SA.

Thumbs Up: Celebrating Sisters’ Splash

GW showed both cultural sensitivity and laudable judgment when it announced the implementation of the Sisters’ Splash hour for Muslim female students. Giving these women the opportunity to use HelWell’s swimming pool without having to worry about being seen in immodest clothing marks a good move for the University, the Muslim Students’ Association and these students.

Thumbs Down:Sol Café shut down


The Sol Café, known for its indie music, hemp bracelets and fair-trade manna, is shut down permanently. We find it so ironic that hipsters now have to get their caffeine fill at Gelman Starbucks.

Sideways Thumb: Foggy Bottom Metro delays make us blue (Line)

In recent weeks D.C.’s Metro has been plagued by delays and inconveniences from construction. However, WMATA plans to replace the escalators and install a canopy overhead at the Foggy Bottom-GWU Metro station. We’re tired of justifying the delays with Mitch Hedberg’s wise words, “Escalator temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience.” So do it soon, please!

The joke’s on the Westboro Baptist Church

While the WBC pickets near campus, students are holding a counterprotest that will collect donations for an organization benefitting the armed forces, which the radical group vehemently condemns. The best part? The donation will be made in WBC’s name.

Thumbs Down: Bring back the beards!

With 82 percent of the male population clean-shaven, GW ranks No. 7 out of 60 universities for number of scruff-free students, according to a recent study. With No Shave November fast approaching, we hope that next month beards will have better representation on campus.

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