Staff editorial: GWorld 2.0 should learn from the past

The Hatchet’s editorial board urges the University to revisit the GWorld 2.0 system and make it easier for students to track where they spend their GWorld funds.

On any given day, a typical GW student will use their GWorlds multiple times at various locations. But when students log onto GWorld 2.0 online to check their GWorld balances at the end of the day, they no longer have the ability to see the locations of individual purchases. The recent instances of vendors overcharging students and of students’ GWorld cards being stolen have highlighted the fact that it is more difficult to track and report these instances of overcharging or fraud. This is a major flaw in the GWorld 2.0 system that the University needs to fix.

With the new GWorld 2.0 system, students cannot see itemized details of where they spend their funds online, and there have been recent instances in which students have either been overcharged or been the victims of fraudulent GWorld activity. Typically, in the past, students could go to the online GWorld resource to keep up with their spending, but this is not a feature of the upgraded system.

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