Staff editorial: Make more study zones available

The Hatchet’s editorial calls for the creation of more study spaces on campus, and an extension of the study zone program that GW implements only during midterms and finals.

As midterm season creeps toward its peak, students naturally search for a space away from their residence halls where they can study or write with optimal focus. But at Gelman Library, the cubbies are occupied, outlets are in use and desks are crowded. The library has been this way for a few weeks now, and it will only draw more students as the semester progresses. Because of this, there is an obvious need for more study spaces during the midterms and finals period, and right now GW is unable to support that need. Extended hours in student study zones – which are yet to be enacted this semester – provide more space for students in the Marvin Center, the Fishbowl, Duques Hall and the Career Center, but these zones provide a temporary solution to a lasting issue on campus: Gelman has reached its carrying capacity.

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