Fallon excited for Colonials Weekend

Comedian Jimmy Fallon’s Colonials Weekend performance is less than one week away, and while a number of tickets still remain unsold, Fallon said he’s excited for the two performances he has lined up.

Fallon – the “Saturday Night Live” alumnus and host of his own late-night talk show – said this will be the first time he will do two stand-up shows in a row, and said he is excited for the experience.

“This will be big,” Fallon said. “I’ve got to make sure the students have fun as well as the parents so everyone can laugh together.”

The comedian’s show comes on the heels of Jon Stewart’s performance last year, in which tickets sold out in a little over 24 hours. Fallon said his act will differ greatly from Stewart’s.

“Politics is [Stewart’s] specialty, so I’ll leave him to do that because he’s good at it,” Fallon said.

Instead, Fallon said he will focus his comedic routine on popular culture.

“I’ll do more comedic impressions and dumb songs, like ‘Balls in Your Mouth,’ correlating to the tar balls in the Gulf Coast,” Fallon said. “That’s about as political as I will get.”

This will be the performer’s first visit to the Foggy Bottom Campus, and while he will only be at GW for the Saturday performances, Fallon said he hopes to see as much of Foggy Bottom as possible throughout the day.

The comedian, who has starred in feature films like “Fever Pitch” and “Taxi Driver,” plans to throw on a baseball cap as a disguise while checking out the University.

“The campus really intrigues me,” Fallon said. “I really like the energy of being at a college.”

Upon hearing about the hippo good luck myth on campus, Fallon shared his pre-performance plan.

“I’ll meet up with the hippo before I split, if it’s good luck,” Fallon said. “I’ll take a picture with it and tweet it out.”

Speaking strongly of the campus scene, Fallon said that students should remember to take pictures of everything that happens throughout four years at college.

“Your major will change, your roommates will change. You could start off in computer engineering, and then end up in basket weaving,” said Fallon, who attended the College of Saint Rose in Albany, N.Y. “But the biggest part is meeting people, because that’s what life is all about.”

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