Clark: Clarifying Republicans’ view on health care

Senior Andrew Clark, a Hatchet columnist, discusses how Republicans want to keep the favorable aspects of ObamaCare, which are beneficial for college students, while writing the bill from scratch.

I was in class the other day when someone mentioned Republican efforts to repeal the Democrats’ health care reform legislation.

“Those Republicans,” he said, “They want to repeal it and go back to the old days, when insurance companies could deny you coverage because of a pre-existing condition.”

Not only is that not accurate, but it’s a stunningly oversimplified portrayal of President Barack Obama’s health care law. So to all the GW students who may be wondering exactly how this law will affect them, allow me to provide some clarity.

The most popular provision in Obamacare is the ban on insurance companies denying someone coverage based on a pre-existing medical condition, such as arthritis. As young, healthy people at GW, we also support the provision that allows us to stay on our parents’ health care plan until we turn 26.

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